Just like the olden days

12:58 PM

    Anyone that knows me well at all knows that I am no socialist. I don’t believe the government when they say that they can give it all to us and till continue to work well. I don’t believe that the government running my health care is the best way to go about it, but…..I also believe in the phrase: Get while the getting is good!
Today Queenie was sick. Well, not just today as I think this is the fifth day of this mess. As the days aren’t really consecutive I am at a loss as to how to count them. But today was the worst day since it all started last Thursday night. She has had a fever all day long and constantly complains about her tummy hurting.      Sometimes so badly that she screams in pain. But Principe is gone and her doctor had no room to see her today. The only other option is to go to the ER, but without a car I would have to either pay for a taxi or go by bus which takes about an hour. Sweet. With both girls, mind you, and there is no telling how long the wait is. Even when it seems like there are only two patients (we have already been there twice here in Toulouse) it still takes hours to get through there.
   So what is the perfect solution? Have the doc come to your house! Yes, this option is still available. I am not sure if you have to have special circumstances or not, but I definitely qualify with a baby in the house and no car to use and no husband available. Cool, is it not? It is no wonder the French health care is in the tubes as I am no sure what this service should actually cost, but it cost me $48.50. Well, actually it cost me that number in Euro. Pretty pricey for some, but totally worth it to find out that Queenie has a nasty stomach flu that comes with a fever this season all the while Little N slept her nap away in her own crib. Gotta love France and their Grandma ways of doing things. Sometimes it is good to be old-fashioned, don’t you think?

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