From Babyhood to Toddlerhood

12:56 PM

   April 7, 2010 around this time I was taking ibuprofen for the pain that my uterus contracting back into place was causing me. But the pain was the last thing on my mind really as I looked at my dark-haired baby girl laying in her little plastic bassinet. The whole experience of giving birth in France was partially over (as my stay in the hospital was a bit interesting!) and now it was time to move on to raising two girls in France!
    April 7, 2011 birthday girl on I are on strict Tylenol and ibuprofen cycles to help keep our fevers under control. Our fevers due to the wonderful stomach flu with raging fevers that Queenie brought home with her from school. She was under the feverish spell all day Tuesday and today I understood why she would at times cry out as the body aches that fevers come with and the general constricting stomach pains that this virus gives are rather …icky. Of course Principe was not home all week. He was in Germany having a grand time working 15 hours a day.
    At 4pm I finally dragged myself out of bed, took more pills and got on the cake wagon. The plan was to make a rainbow cake. I ended up making what looks like an Easter cake as the colors are rather pale and even though I made a double batch of batter I ended up not having enough for the blue and purple. Of course I tried to convince myself that there was enough and split them apart anyway only to end up with cracker thin cake layers. Thankfully Principe ended up working late and the celebrating will have to wait until tomorrow. So tomorrow I get time to figure out with to do with my Easter cake. Paint a monkey on it? She likes monkeys….
    I’ll let you know what it turns out to be.
    Right now Principe lies in bed exhausted, the girls are sleeping and I am realizing that I no longer have a baby in the house, but a preschooler and a toddler. She slipped quietly into toddlerhood this afternoon at 2:43pm and true to toddler form suddenly decided to give me hell about going to bed. We are off to a good start of our second year on this earth!
    Happy Birthday, Little N! Goodness, I love you and your big eyes.

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