Sunday, March 22, 2015

*** just changed their profile pic on Facebook

Remember last year's Dove compaign with that really, realllllllly long commercial where the camera follows all these little girls around who pull out all their good tricks just to be captured by the camera? And then they go to grown women of all ages who slam the door, cover their face, scream no and run essence they don't want the camera to capture anything.


That is me.

And weirdly enough that ad still haunts me because I get the point. Why should we be ashamed of ourselves and hide from the camera? More importantly why and when did we start becoming like that?

I think about it. And I'm pretty sure for me it was after my second one was born. Of course I have some pictures of me since then, but not many.

And my profile pic on facebook is of my baby. Geez, it's two years old already! But every time I even try to take a selfy I cringe at the results. The iphone seriously hates me.

I was sent a copy of a group picture today and I didn't even want to open the email. I didn't want to see it. Even while taking the picture I felt so uncomfortable I would have rather high tailed it out of there than smile for the camera. What is wrong with me? Get it together, Kat!

The picture isn't even that bad. Even if I do have bread in the back of my mouth that thankfully you can't see. And yet I wasn't going to open the email....

I wonder if I start taking as any selfies as all of the teenagers out there if I would eventually find my comfort again in the front of the camera? Is it the click that magically sends out camera confidence? This is a theory worth looking into, I think.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What is amiss

The other day while running I was listening to a podcast and heard about a ballet video done to a song called "Take me to church." (This is where you laugh at me because I had no idea what song this was...and this was after the Grammy's. I know, I know. I am so out of it here!) Immediately I was interested in watching it but of course I forgot. When I finally remembered it I was enthralled. I watched it about five times before I shared it with Queenie, who loved it, afterwards clicked on the next video of Sergei Polunin dancing Sleeping Beauty....let's just say that this man is amazing. His dancing would enthrall almost anyone...

Of course I was intrigued about the song though too. So I looked it up and watched the video. Then  read the comments underneath the music video. I should never do that because it always makes me angry. But I did.

I just have to say, as a Christian, what the heck is wrong with my people? Why are we still so confused about how to love people? What do we not understand about NOT judging others?

One person commented that she hated the video because it told "our young people that it is okay to be gay."

Really? That is what you are taking away from this? The song is about people being convinced that they are so judged, so rejected, so hated by the church ..and all you can think about is that this video will encourage people to be gay?

I heard it best this last summer: the ONLY thing that people who do not know Jesus are guilty of is just that: not knowing Jesus. That is their sin. Our responsibility is to LOVE them. Not judge them AT ALL. We are not God. We have no say about anything going on in someone else's life. Do you to have enough work to do on yourself that you have to look to your neighbor and start working on them? We are supposed to follow two commands "love our God" and "Love our Neighbor". What about them being gay? I don't know. Once they realize that God loves them and they give their heart to Him all of that is between God and that person. Not my business. I got so many things I am working on in me that I shouldn't be wasting my energy on judging them.

And I would like to also point out: when did Jesus ever go around pointing fingers and condemning sinners? Sinners being "unreligious" people. He never did. The adulteress he lifted up and said "Go and sin no more." The prostitute that washed his feet with her tears he allowed to touch him and worship him. When the pharisee saw it and muttered about what type of woman she was Jesus turned to him and questioned him harshly. Never the woman. The crazy man he healed and sent back home, the tax collector he ate dinner with, the thief on the cross he said would be with him that day in heaven, etc. The only time that Jesus turned crusty and angry and harsh was when he was dealing with those in the church who should have known better!

So then why is it that we think we are better than Jesus? Is our anger more righteous? I'm gonna say no.....

It is so sad to me that the church is so amiss in LOVING people, simply loving them that songs against us become anthems. There is a problem here, but it isn't with the music video or the singer. It is with us christians. With our "institutions" as they all like to call them that can't seem to band together and love people and leave the judging to God. We need to stand up for our Lord. We need to show people that He loves them, made them perfect, has a perfect will for them. The world needs more love? It's got it, it is just up to us to spread it.