Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Take some time....

I am sleep training Chatterbox. She's a tough one to settle down for the night, usually taking about an hour of my time.

It's frustrating.

And easy to run out of patience.

I combat my patience barometer lowering by doing...push-ups.

I'm serious. Weird, I know. But I want stronger arms and one night I was so frustrated I needed to do something. I felt like I was wasting an hour of my night and felt resentment starting to build. So I did some tricep dips. 8 to be exact. Then 8 more.

That was a few weeks ago. I can now do 15 three times through. So I started doing regular push ups. I can now do at least 17 on my toes without stopping. Not that impressive but I have seen change...:)

Now, the problem this week is that I started to add pike push-ups. Where you are basically in downward dog and you push down at an angle. Hits the shoulders. Hard.

My shoulders are so sore it hurts to lie down on a pillow. And yet I was dumb enough not to send Principe with the stroller when he dropped off Chatterbox and had to carry her at least half of the way home. Its almost a mile....

AHHHH! Anyone have a remedy for sore muscles? Or for idiocy while we're at it???

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Routine, Routine, Routine

I am stuck
In a routine
And I'm not sure how to get out.

The main problem with getting out of the routine is that the routine works fairly well at keeping my family fed, dressed, bathed (mostly), and happy.

I wake up. And for the first two hours of the day I run around making sure my family eats breakfast and gets to work and school. Three days a week I take Chatterbox to daycare and get about 2 hours and 15 minutes to either work on my book or run errands. I usually choose to work. At least once a week I have to choose errands.

Chatterbox and I get home around noon. We eat lunch. Then she plays while I clean up. I do as much cleaning or dinner prep as possible and try to get her in bed for a nap around 1:30. We read books, sing and she goes down. Then I pick up a bit more or fold clothes, etc, and then I work out. Not wednesdays. The girls come home for the lunch wednesday and we have dance and speech that day. No working out for mama.

At four we pick up the girls and either do dance, speech, judo, etc. or we go home and get snack and homework done. Chatterbox is usually a bit crabby and the other two have at least one squabble. Homework takes a long time and yet we still don't seem to get all of it done that we should each night in the midst of the hubbub.

Then we play or read or take a bath. Sometimes, if the girls are getting along really well I can get some cookies or muffins made up for our snacks. I hate store bought cookies. Or I prep mine and Principe's dinner.

Bedtime takes a long time I feel like. Usually about an hour from start to finish. Then there is laundry, cleaning, picking up, or possibly just getting a book and sitting for a second.

Of course life happens every week with someone getting sick or some other something happening and many things don't get done. Like working more. (Gah! I would love to work more). Christmas is coming so I need to do present shopping. I need to clean my house better and should't be neglecting my blog so much. I should practice piano and finished that photo album I started in the summer. I also need to get the pictures fixed up and a digital album done. Chatterbox has to be paid attention to as well as Queenie and Firecracker and at some point Principe comes home and I feel I should at least see him. Of course it is hit or miss these days if I am in bed by the time he gets home....

Routine. Routine is good for kids. Good for families. It gets them fed and to school on time and keeps them in line so to speak. But goodness it can get both stressful and monotonous. But chaos would be worse.

Wouldn't it?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pulled Pork Wontons

We had these little babies for our Thanksgiving Day dinner since it isn't a holiday here and we still have to work! We celebrate on Saturday...but Thursday we had these. People asked for the recipe which was a bit of a throw together but I will try to get it right.

First I put a pork roast into the crock pot and slow cooked it for about 3 hours. I poured some liquid smoke on it and garlic and sea salt. Now, they turned out a bit salty so next time I will not be adding salt at this stage. But that is up to you and your salty buds.

Once it was done I pulled it apart then mixed up the sauce:

1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup ketchup
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp pickled ginger (or you could use fresh)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 clove garlic

Puree these all together an add to the shredded pork. Once the pork is dowsed I started plying part the wonton sheets (in refridgerated aisle here, probably there too :)) and added a heaping spoonful to each. Then put some finely sliced red onion, finely sliced cabbage (if you like it) and some chopped cilantro (again, optional).

Spray with olive oil and put under low roaster until golden brown. It was probably around 10 minutes.

Serve hot! Next time I might cook the sauce for a bit with a red chili in there to off set the sweetness. We shall see. Hope you like it!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks for:

Who doesn't like them some homemade biscuits? I loooooove biscuits. I am thankful for biscuits. And I'm thankful that they are needed to make some stuffing. Yum. I am also thankful for double batches.

And for three little girls who fill my days with laughter, and fighting, who make me push myself to be more patient, kinder, see the simpler side, step back and relax into life. They make me smile and frown and cause my nerves to be on edge and yet I cannot think of a better way to spend my life

I am thankful for Principe who makes me smile still. Though I do hope he finds a different job position soon. The hours in this one are killer.

My friends. Both near and far.

For Americans here who find Thanksgiving sacred enough to get together and make a potluck dinner the Saturday afterwards. Yea, friends!

And pulled-pork Hawaiian wontons. 'Cause they're my dinner tonight. And they smell delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving America! I miss you!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Favorite songs when I was 16

So, yes the prompt says to pick your favorite song when you were 16, which is not plural. I get that. But honestly I don't think I had one favorite song. I mean, one song for the entire HUGE year of being 16? Too much pressure. I came up with a short list, though not a complete list.


So...as I listen to the songs and allow myself to revert back to that young, teenage version of me I find my soul flying back to the carpeted floor of my bedroom lying next to my boom box (1997 people. rock!) and I feel the heaviness that I felt back then. And I hear it in my music. While this list does not include the punk music I listened to (Less than Jake, Reel Big Fish, 311, Goldfinger, etc) I see a running theme in my 16th year of life that I always knew but hate to think about or really admit. Of course it is always easier to not think about as I travel the world and make new friends every few years, because there is never time to delve into the past. No one here knows me. No one can perk up one day and say: Remember when......

The easiest way to say it was that I was sad and all teenager. I was silently suffering and didn't know if I would ever make it out of the hole I was in, but I hid it well, diving into music and watching the fan twirl around whenever I had a moment to do so.

I loved Jewel. She was so beautiful and so fully grown up. She was 22 or 23 perhaps and from her songs I felt like she was so mature and had so many life experiences already. Like living alone, leaving a boyfriend, loving someone and losing them. I placed her on a pedestal and wished to be so grown up, watching a boy stand in the rain from my window because he was in love with me, or at least crazy and passionate enough to do so.

Ah, 16. I hope I take the time in 9 years time to give Queenie the space a girl needs when she is 16. The space to lie on her floor listening to her ipod (microchip???) and watch the ceiling fan twirl by, imagining her life in a few years time. And I hope her list isn't as melancholy...